Meet Monique

Coach to Tweens, Teens and Parents

My whole life in one way or another has been spent in serving others.

15 years ago I began to take troubled tweens and teens into my home.  Some that stayed for a couple of days and others that stayed for years. I never set out to be a coach to any of these kids but rather just a safe place for them to be loved and supported.  I was a teenager that struggled tremendously with self esteem and self worth. I could see so much of myself in these kids and just wanted to give them what I believed would have helped me when I was in that time of my lifeThroughout the many years and kids that came through my home I learned how to build trust with these kids, how to communicate with them in a way that made them feel seen and heard. With that I watched these kids transform. I watched them change their grades, get involved in school functions and even help out in their communities. I however learned that when they went back home, if the environment with their parents hadn't changed the likelihood was they would go back to their previous behaviors.  This is when I started to incorporate teaching the parents into the mix.

As parents became involved in learning how to effectively communicate with their children the long term success of these kids changed. They were now able to feel seen and heard at home keeping them from going back to old behaviors. Allowing them to lean on their parents for help with problem solving, planning, discussing hard things they were facing and overall giving them the support needed to get through the challenging years of teen-hood.