Offering 2 Scholarships for 1:1 Teen/Parent Crisis Coaching 

I am offering scholarships for 2 families. The scholarships are for 1:1 coaching for 60 days.  This opportunity has no strings attached and is simply a way to serve.  I am hoping to help 2 families that are currently in crisis or are approaching crisis.

Information for families: we will start off with a VIP intake coaching call to identify needs of the teen and the parents. Coaching for families will consist of two hours per week, one hour for the parents and one hour for the teen for a total of 8 weeks. With the goal of bringing parents and teens together on one call to be determined by progress made.

 The only thing that I ask for offering these scholarships is that they go to people that really have a need and will be committed to putting in the work necessary for change. To apply or nominate someone for this life changing opportunity click on link below.