Imbalances caused by food intake.

Imbalances CAN effect behavior.

When taking our children to their normal pediatricians and allowing them to be diagnosed and placed on psychiatric medications we should keep in mind that pediatricians don’t typically specialize in psychiatric diagnosis. Doesn’t mean they don’t know or have tools for this, it just means they don’t typically specialize in this area and therefore may not be your best bet for diagnosis and medication.

I always encourage EVERYONE and especially parents to ask WHY. WHY are you putting them on this medication? Is there further testing we should do to look at the WHYs behind their depression, anxiety,ADD, ADHD and so on BEFORE medicating.

The normal blood work done by pediatrician will NOT look at EVERYTHING. They are BASIC labs.

You NEED to dig deeper before placing children on meds that have side effects and or long term effects.

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