Mother/ Teen Daughter

Imagine spending 3 days learning to build trust through vulnerability and effective communication which will ultimately lead to a more connected relationship with your daughter. As mothers we all strive to have that amazing connection with our daughter, somewhere in the teen years it feels as though nothing you can do is right and your daughter is further away from you then you could have ever imagined.

Come spend 3 days in beautiful Sedona, AZ connecting with your daughter again. Learning skills to bring you both closer together, while making memories and having fun.


The Mother/ Daughter Retreat

I have had this dream of bringing mothers and daughters together for over a year now.  After having looked around for a long time trying to find something like this for my daughters and I, but not finding anything comparable I finally decided to build the retreat that I wished was available when I was struggling with my daughters.

I wanted to give moms and daughters a space to disconnect from all of the distractions in life and reconnect with each other. 

This retreat has been designed to break down walls, learn trust through effective communication and vulnerability in order to have the most connected relationship with your daughter.

Having worked with teens for many years I understand how their mind works and how to best keep them engaged.  So along with all of the learning we will be doing, there will be tons of time to make memories and have fun.

This retreat is interactive and activity driven, not your typical sit and listen to speakers type of event.

My daughters and I are so looking forward to making beautiful memories with all of the moms and daughters that join us!


Mother/ Tween Daughter
Retreat Coming
May 2022

Mother/ Teen Daughter

Retreat Coming

July 2022