Crisis Intervention

Oftentimes families feel as if when their teen is in crisis they don't know what to do.  Families will look for solutions via "bootcamps", inpatient behavioral health, or military/boarding school.  When families are in this place there is a desperate feeling. A family that is in crisis needs intensive intervention.  When I work with families in crisis my goal is to give the parents back the power to be the hero of the story. I come in as a means to keep your teen at home rather than feeling as though the only option is to send them away.  Crisis intervention involves the whole family.  The reality is that even if the behavior is coming from the teen it is involving and encompassing the entire family, meaning the whole family needs support and guidance for not only getting through it but also what happens next. If your teen or family is in crisis schedule an evaluation with me to see if I can be of help, if I'm not the right fit for you I can make some suggestions.

1:1 Teen and Parent Crisis Coaching

This type of coaching is family encompassing.  The parent/s and I will spend an hour per week together which will include diving into family dynamics, root causes surrounding behavioral issues, and learning to approach matters differently. This coaching includes looking at the roles we play as parents, and our own injuries that oftentimes spill into our parenting unintentionally. We set goals for what type of relationship we want to have with our teen and map the plan for how to get there.  This weekly call is also a place for support.  When facing crisis within the home which could include everything from skipping school and having a bad attitude to cutting and all things in between parents need a non judgmental place of support.  As parents we are doing the best we know how to do all the while often still feeling as though we are failing.  My goal is to help my parents reclaim their power to be the hero of their families story and bring back peace to your home.

The teens and I will also spend a hour per week together diving into self esteem, social pressures, exploring where they are struggling and what they see for their future.  I will spend time with them teaching about different ways in which to communicate, setting goals and building maps to get to those goals, self esteem and addressing any other issues that they choose to reveal.  For my teens, their first choice is whether or not they want to work with me.  I don't take on teens that feel "forced" to work with me.  It is always their choice.   If your teen chooses not to work with me that is OK we will still work together, I find it is so helpful to have their input on how they feel and what their perception is, however it is not a requirement.